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When your professionals work for a client of Brainnet, you may have some questions. Here we have assembled the most frequently asked questions for you. Can't find the answer to your question? Please do not hesitate to contact us at +31 (0) 30 602 16 17 if you need any further information.  

What does the service of Brainnet cost?

Our fees have been agreed with our clients in advance. We do not charge separate start-up costs, nor costs for receiving applications, nor contract management or risk insurance surcharges or any costs for subscribing at Brainnet.

Do I always receive feedback about the status of an application?

We provide feedback on the status of an application via the portal.

Can I find available assignments in the portal?

Yes. All available assignments at our clients can be found in the portal.

Why is a pre-employment screening necessary?

To check whether professionals actually have the right qualifications, papers, diplomas, verified references, etc. Checking this prevents our clients from being confronted with surprises.

Have all screening documents been received and processed?

After receiving each of the screening documents, we will keep you informed of the status via the portal.

When can I send an invoice?

The invoicing process differs per client. For more information about a specific client, please contact our Service & Support department via info@brainnet.nl.

When will my outstanding invoice be paid?

Outstanding invoices are paid when the tax risks are covered, we have the signed service contract in our possession, and the due date has expired.

Why do you need a recent Chamber of Commerce extract?

The Chamber of Commerce extract may not be older than 6 months, to ensure that we draw up contracts based on current information.

Do I get a one-off contract with Brainnet that applies to all of your clients?

No, you will receive a separate contract per client. We implement the purchasing conditions of our clients, therefore we have different contracts for different clients.

What about relationship clauses and competition clauses at Brainnet?

Brainnet does not use any relationship clauses and competition clauses.
We think it is incorrect to contractually shield our joint client from you.

I want to negotiate the contract terms. Is that possible?

Brainnet is bound by the contracts concluded with the clients. Our clients have explicitly requested that these contracts should not be amended. This way a level playing field is created for all suppliers.