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Why Brainnet?

Brainnet helps large organisations to organise the complete process of hiring professionals. This means that we recruit experts for our clients, perform pre-employment screenings, draw up contracts and arrange payments. Via Brainnet, you will have access to new, relevant assignments. We guarantee a correct administrative process, smooth payments, and you can use our additional services. Our contracts are completely transparent and we work without intermediaries.

Quick payment

Brainnet uses the agreed payment term of our clients. We can imagine that you (sometimes) want to receive your money quicker. We offer a number of options for this. You can - per invoice - choose which payment period suits you best

  • Direct payment - direct payment of the invoice amount
    Costs: 3% of the invoice amount
  • Quick Payment - payment term of 15 days
    Costs: 2% of the invoice amount
  • Regular payment – regular payment term
    No extra costs.

How does this work?

  • You send an invoice after the end of the calendar month, or every four weeks
  • State the desired payment method on the invoice (direct or quick)
  • You deduct the costs from the total amount excluding VAT
  • You send your invoice digitally to: facturen@brainnet.nl

Do you have questions? Please contact Brainnet via +31 (0) 30 602 16 17.


We can provide professional and business liability insurance for you, during the term of your assignment.

Professional liability

As a professional, you run the risk of accidentally damaging others. For example, have you given the wrong advice and is your client suffering damages as a result? Then the professional liability insurance covers the financial consequences of any claims due to errors in your work.

Insured amounts for professional liability insurance:

€ 500.000 per claim
€ 2.000.000 per insurance term

Business liability

With a company liability insurance you insure yourself against damages that you cause to others. Both damages to people and things are compensated. Think of things such as a business accident, the consequences of a defective product or errors in the performance of the work.

Insured amounts for business liability insurance:

€ 2.500.000 per claim
€ 10.000.000 per insurance term

The insurance can be cancelled at any time, with effect from the 1st day of the following month.


You can distinguish yourself as an independent professional with thorough knowledge. We believe it’s important that you can continue to develop as an entrepreneur. We organise inspirational sessions and workshops, which are also interesting for expanding your network!

No intermediaries

Brainnet stands for 100% transparency and honest business. We also think it is important that you, as an expert, are paid for your efforts and hours and that no money is "lost" to mediators and other intermediaries. With us, you can register as a freelancer in our network, respond directly to assignments and determine your own hourly rate.

Approved model agreement

Brainnet has a model agreement approved by the Tax and Customs Administration. With the permanent disappearance of the VAR, it is important that you enter into an agreement with your client in advance. Brainnet arranges this for you and ensures that you are 100% compliant with legislation and regulations.

Clear contracts

Brainnet uses a transparent business model. We are happy to explain the details of the contract to you. We always use the conditions of the client, we do not use any competition and relationship clauses. Meaning you are free to work elsewhere after your assignment.

Daily overview of our assignments

Daily overview of our assignments

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