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As independent Managed Service Provider, Brainnet takes care of the entire hiring process for you

Every organisation that has a variety of offices and departments, has its own needs when it comes to hiring of external personnel. Furthermore, suppliers of professionals and self-employed professionals often set out their own conditions. And internally, there are many parties are involved in the hiring process: the hiring manager, authorising officer, HR, Purchasing, Finance and Legal Affairs. 

As Managed Service Provider (MSP), Brainnet takes care of the entire hiring process for you. We assess your current and future needs for flexible labour both strategically and tactically. We focus on solving (temporary) capacity issues, harmonising contract conditions, professional contract management, application of legal frameworks, careful screening, and continuous process and efficiency improvements. Within your organisation Brainnet is the only contract party and the coordinator for all (preferred) suppliers and self-employed professionals.

Management Information

In order to supply you with in-depth management information, we use a Vendor Management System (VMS). A VMS is an application that supports the overall hiring process of distribution of supply and demand, digital registration of contracts and records, digital time sheets, consolidated billing, measuring the supplier performance, and extensive reporting options. A VMS is used for all types of hiring and hiring contracts, such as temporary placement, secondment, payroll, and self-employed professional contracts.

Working with a VMS ensures that hiring risks are minimised, recruitment costs are significantly lowered, and hourly rates are optimised.  You can use Brainnet's VMS or we can link our system to various other systems (VMS and ATS), such as Fieldglass, Nétive, Talentlink, Commerce-Hub, IQN, SAP, Ariba, E-size, and Taleo.

Strategic workforce planning

Together we asses your current hiring situation. Among other things, we ask the following questions: 

  • Is the hiring done ad hoc by various people in the organisation?
  • Is there order in the hiring process?
  • In what way can the permanent and temporary hiring go through one process?

With a few steps, we help organisations to move towards a professional hiring process with sound management information that leaves room to actually anticipate the future.

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'We offer expertise, capacity, and vision to relieve them fully when it comes to hiring.'

'We offer expertise, capacity, and vision to relieve them fully when it comes to hiring.'

Anne Meint Bouma, Director

>>Managed Service Provider